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Obama reveals climate change plan: Will others follow suit?

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POTUS reveals sweeping plans to cut carbon emissions from power plants by 32% – Will other nations begin to make similar strides?

In an effort to leave behind an environmental legacy, Obama recently released his clean power plan, a move hailed as the US’s strongest ever climate action to date. Although faced with fierce opposition from Republicans, the move could inspire further international efforts to limit global warming effects.

Despite the difficulties the move may face in order to pass legislation, it’s an incredibly bold move and exit strategy for Obama as he nears the end of his presidency. In the very least it lays a solid foundation for future efforts and encourages other world leaders to consider sustainability as a serious political platform.

In the past five to 10 years, we’ve seen similar moves by big businesses pressured to adopt stricter environmental regulations. For many organisations, it’s become increasingly clear that their success is starting to heavily rely on their reputation, and therefore their willingness to invest in ethical, sustainability practices.

Economic benefits aide, we’ve read the articles and the studies – a value shift has taken place, specifically among our forward thinking millennial generations. In addition to taking strides towards more sustainable practices at work, it only makes sense they expect to see similar moves made by their political leaders.

Whether it be a political or social platform, an organisation’s values speak to their identity and what they believe in as a business. It’s this element of reputation that can be used to develop a sense of identification and trust with stakeholders, which will ultimately lead an organisation’s success into fruition.

Written by Sarah Hernandez

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