Welcome to the new home of global tolerance!

Here's how it works:

• The site is a series of mosaics, which you can change using the tags, according to your interests.

• You can pick up the tag box and put it anywhere on your screen while you navigate the site. It still works!

• Once you click on a piece of the mosaic, use the slider ('slide me') to see more of the story.

• At any time, you can 'Close and return to mosaic.'

• If you get lost, click on the global tolerance logo at any time to return to the home page. Better still, get in touch.

We're in beta phase and would love to hear your feedback and recommendations, so please get in touch and fill out the 5 minute survey.

We will be adding all kinds of tags, stories and multimedia content soon, so please do keep coming back.


The global tolerance team