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Keeping Up with the Millennials


Hi, my name is Sarah and I’ve recently begun interning for Global Tolerance. Before I begin, I should probably tell you a little bit about myself. Beyond my studies as a public relations major at the University of Florida, I identify myself as a proud feminist, a cupcake connoisseur, an avid user of social media, and I just so happen to be a millennial – if you couldn’t already tell from the precursors.

It’s pretty interesting coming from the perspective of a “millennial” and being barraged by articles that claim to explain what we’re like and we what have (or don’t have) to offer to society. Our consumer trends, the brands we like and the products we’re currently using are constantly under scrutiny. I’ve heard millennials labeled as shallow, materialistic and technology-obsessed narcissists.

Yet, there’s certainly particular aspects of millennial culture I’m not ashamed of embracing, and that would be our strong ties to values-driven work and social change. The tendency of millennials wanting their career to have a positive impact on the world isn’t something I merely read about, it’s something my colleagues and I live by.

More and more of my friends are seeking opportunities in social change communications and are foregoing higher wages at more established corporations in order to live their values more authentically.

The easy accessibility and fast-paced nature of online news coverage means we are more and more readily exposed to all the pressing issues we face on a day-to-day basis. There’s basically no way of ignoring the reality of our consequences, so if we’re in a place where we have the resources to fix these issues (and the social platforms available to raise the awareness), why shouldn’t we be working just as quickly to counteract or prevent them?

This is where the Values Revolution GT helped identify and document really resonated with my own expectations as a millennial – It only makes sense for businesses and corporations to follow suit in the interests of their rapidly growing millennial job force and start feeling responsible for the world they work in.

So this is my message to businesses seeking to keep up with us millennials: Incorporate social entrepreneurship into your company culture. You have the power to do good, and we don’t just want our work to help make a difference, we expect it.


Written by Sarah Hernandez

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